december is open for general submissions from Oct. - May 1. 

The Curt Johnson Prose Awards in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction are open from March 1-May 1.
december publishes exceptional, thought-provoking poetry, prose, and art. We invite submissions of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction (essays, memoirs, biography, literary journalism, social or cultural commentary or analysis) and we publish only original, previously unpublished work. Self-publication and work that appears online are considered to have been published. 

We do not accept simultaneous submissions, but we generally provide a response within six weeks. See website for detailed submission guidelines.  We look forward to reading your work.

We read general submissions from Oct. 1-May 1. We do not charge a "reading fee" but there is a Submittable transmission fee for non-subscribers. This fee only partially covers our cost to use Submittable. The fee is waived for subscribers. To subscribe, please visit our website at

Entries for the Curt Johnson Prose Awards are open from March 1 - May 1. The judges are Rita Mae Brown (fiction) and Amy Chua (nonfiction). 

We look forward to considering your artwork for publication in a future issue of december. Please send pdf or jpeg images. Low-resolution is acceptable for submission purposes, but high-res images must be available upon acceptance. We do not accept images of visual art that have been previously published, either in print or online.